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February 2022
Nik Perring
Read my conversation with Nik Perring about The Happiness Factory on his blog.
Nik Perring

January 2022
Orla Owen
"So fantastic, so original, so beautifully written."

Pete Keeley
"Wonderfully written, with sentence after sentence that just demand to be immediately read again and savoured."

Don Jimmy
"A wonderfully written piece that explores multiple themes and might just take you on an unexpected journey. I loved it."

Mairéad Hearne
"...a quirky and unconventional read with a wondrous, and quite eccentric, cast of characters. If you are looking for something alternative to shake up your reading habits, then this might just be the book for you."

"...this is a book that delivers more than it promises, that manages to explore multiple themes with a delicate touch. The writing dances from lyrical description to comic episodes to trauma-related flashbacks, flitting between modes and finding richness in its variety. It’s a fabulous experience, and I highly recommend it to readers looking for something a little out of the ordinary."

Andrew Willie
 " gives me great joy to see this very funny and bittersweet novel make its way to publication, and from the esteemed indie Bluemoose too."

December 2021
Jason Denness
"...a powerful statement on family... It’s an eye-opener of a book that I don’t think this review can do justice to, so all I can do is recommend this to everybody I know."

September 2021
The Happiness Factory cover reveal!

With many thanks to Fiachra and Kevin.
The Happiness Factory cover

May 2020
The Happiness Factory

Coming out on 28th January 2022, The Happiness Factory.

It’ll be published by Bluemoose Books – an energetic independent press dedicated to getting vital stories out there that challenge and engage with the world.

Bluemoose Books

August 2016
Isobel's War

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece about my mother's experience of war, displacement and kindness for the Ullstein blog resonanzboden.

Here it is for the first time in the original English.
Isobel and Margeret

June 2016
Motherland in paperback

Out today - Motherland in paperback with this gorgeous new cover:
Motherland paperback

March 2016
Paradise Ost

My first copy of Paradise Ost has arrived!
Jo with Paradise Ost

February 2016
Dulwich Books at The Bedford | Growing Up Communist with David Aaronovitch and Jo McMillan

David Aaronovitch and I talked to John Crace about what it was like being brought up in the Party, and how we've told our stories in Party Animals and Motherland.
Dulwich Books

August 2015
BBC Radio 4 | Weekend Woman's Hour

You can hear to me talking to Emma Barnett about Motherland on Weekend Woman's Hour, broadcast on Saturday 8 August.
Woman's Hour

August 2015
Wilderness Festival

'Writing Young Narrators' with Tasha Kavanagh in the Secret Forum Fiction Tent on Friday 7 August. Part of the Conville & Walsh series of events at the wonderful Wilderness Festival.
Wilderness Festival

August 2015
Waterstones Covent Garden

I talked about Motherland with writer and journalist Anita Sethi on Wednesday 5 August at Waterstones Covent Garden in London. 

August 2015
The Guardian

Read my piece 'Lenin, mum and me - my communist childhood' in The Guardian.

July 2015
TamLitFest - An Evening With Jo McMillan

Many thanks to TamLitFest for organising a wonderful day in Tamworth. Read their write-up of the evening event here.
Tamworth flyer
© Rob Morgan

July 2015
Publication day

Motherland is published by John Murray today!
Motherland hardback

March 2015
Motherland badges

Collect the set!

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