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My first novel, Motherland, won an Arts Council Individual Literature Award and was published by John Murray in 2015. It came out with Ullstein as Paradise Ost in German the following year.

My second novel The Happiness Factory will be published by Bluemoose Books in January 2022.

I’m now working on my third novel, which draws on my experience of living in Berlin as the populist right gains traction across Europe. It holds a mirror up to Britain and looks at what happens when you no longer feel welcome in your country of adoption, but never really belonged in the country of your birth.

I was born and raised in the UK, where I worked in local authority housing and taught Adult Literacy. I have a PhD in Social Anthropology, and published my research in Sex, Science and Morality in China. I’ve lived in China, Malaysia, and now Germany, working as a writer, English teacher, editor and proofreader.

You can write to me here, or follow me on @JoMcMillan.

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